The BOA orthopaedic consent forms and the Orthoconsent program are widely available for use by all orthopaedic surgeons and juniors alike. They are endorsed by the BOA and are designed to make your life as a surgeon easier and to enhance communication with your patients.

They are a work in progress. You may find errors or errors of omission on the forms. You may disagree with techniques or complication rates. The documents are Word documents and as such can be easily altered to match your practice. If you wish to permanently change the forms and save the program to your NHS Trust web-site or your own personal hard drive, we can arrange this for you. Or indeed if you wish to offer feedback, corrections or want new forms (for new operations) added please also contact us

Contact the lead author at [email protected]

Because of the “alterability” and free availability of the forms, the BOA, the authors or the sponsors (namely Finsbury Orthopaedics) do not accept any responsibility for legal accuracy.
It is entirely the responsibility of the surgeon/ Trust and department to ensure the forms are accurate and tailored to their individual practices.